Oh hey, I'm Kate Squires


I’m here to help you get your glow on. Starting from the inside, out.


I’m fascinated about the human body and how our thoughts, lifestyle, and environment affects us – not just our biochemical and neurological processes (read: fancy scientific wording for how we function and think), but whether those processes manifest into a positive or negative response. It’s kind of like a multiple choice quiz. Your choices, and your body’s response to those choices, can ultimately lead to great health, or intolerances and yep, even disease.


As a Creative Director for an international cosmetics brand, I’ve spent the first phase of my career focussed on external beauty. But as I’ve grown and evolved I’ve realised it’s the internal stuff that affects not only how we feel, but also what shows up on the outside.


Now, as a qualified health coach, I combine my two passions to help you find your fiercest version of true beauty – AKA glowing health, clear skin, unshakeable confidence, and sweeter-than-honey happiness. Through personalised, one-on-one sessions, we’ll work together to make nutritional and lifestyle tweaks and shifts that will rocket-launch you towards your health goals.


Don’t worry; you’re not alone. I’ve navigated my own health struggles, gut issues, toxic relationships, near chronic stress, depression and hormone imbalances (what a doozy of a run sheet, that is). But you know what, these things can be conquered and it’s easier than you think – especially when you stop adopting fads for a quick fix.


One person’s food is another’s poison, which is why periodical and fad diet plans tend to fail. I’m about getting to the root cause of resistance in your life…which isn’t always just related to nutrition and diet.


You can be eating all the green, clean hoo-ha that’s trending online, but if things like stress, intolerances or unhealthy work patterns are a thing for you – you may struggle to lose those KGs, regain your energy, sleep well, keep your hormones in check, or just feel bloody good in your own skin.


Life’s too short to be feeling so meh. I’m here to support and empower you to find your missing road map to health, so you can get both hands back on the wheel.



With 17 years’ experience wielding a brush, I’ve painted a face or two thousand. With experience in fashion, media, editorial, bridal and education, both locally and internationally, I’ve grown to know my way around a kit, a face and a brief, and love all things beauty.


My approach to makeup (excluding fancy fashion and editorial briefs) is that a look should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. I pride myself on creating skin that looks like skin, and finishing every element of the look with a sharp eye for detail.


Be it your by-the-beach wedding, 21st, 30th, 90th, Mardi Gras or Halloween, my kit and I are ready and raring to do as little or a lot as you like.