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Fresh AF

Optimise YOUR unique body

with the Foundations of Health

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Hola, I'm Kate
If you're tired, stressed, feeling overweight but all the noise online has you confused about how to move forward, this program has got your covered, Beauty. 
Once you learn about your Foundations of Health, you can demistify and optimise your health so you can make it through your day without 5 coffees and wanting to take a nap under your desk.

Do any of these sound like you?

You're tired ALL the time

Despite all your efforts to eat well, exercise and be 'healthy', you're still tired all the time, you're losing focus at work and feeling like you want to take a nap under your desk at 3pm every day.

You're feeling uncofmortable in your clothes

You're avoiding wearing form-fitting clothes and you don't feel good in your usual favs and go-tos. You're avoid looking in the mirror, or when you do the conversation you have with yourself isn't a positive one. 

You feel stressed and/or
anxious most days

You catch your heart racing, you're breathing is tight, you feel like there's a ten-tonne gorilla sitting on your shoulders, and/or there's a pit of unease in your stomach, or you feel like you've been running around like a mad person and life is all a bit much.

You're body is consuming your thoughts

You're spending a lot of your time thinking about your health and scrolling for solutions for the perfect diet or workout program that is actually going to work for you - and this has begun to plague your thoughts. 

If any of this resonates, you're in the right place

Would you like to go from,

Predicting the need for a caffeine infusion precisely at 2:45pm

(to combat the impending energy nosedive) 


 keeping your laser-sharp focus all day and being excited to head to your pilates reformer class after work because you've got energy left to burn.

Feeling sick in the stomach with stress and anxiety


a feeling new-found sense of chill that sees you cruising through your days feeling calm and balanced.

Restricting yourself with food because you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and avoiding looking in the mirror


absolutely feeling yourself!

Spending a lot of your time thinking about your health and scrolling for solutions


freeing up your mental space and energy to be able to enjoy your life because you know you’re doing exactly what works for you.

The program is for you if...

  • You’ve been throwing spaghetti at the wall to try to make changes to your health, picking random diets and hacks you’ve seen online, but nothing is working.

  • You're confused about whether you should be focusing on food or exercise, or is it both, what foods and types of exercise will guarantee you the results you really want.

  • You're overwhelmed by the noise online.

  • You're confused because you have been led to believe it’s all about calories in Vs calories out and working harder at the gym.

  • You struggle with consistency when you try to eat healthy and get to the gym - you start a lot of things, but never end up seeing them through.

  • You’ve tried what’s worked for your sister, best mate or Caroline in the cubicle next to you at work, but what’s worked for them hasn’t worked for you.

  • You think it might be beneficial to do a cleanse or detox to flush out all of the food and booze you accumulated not only over the Christmas holiday break but also for most of the year.

  • You’re confused about whether a juice cleanse, fasting or other type of cleanse would be more beneficial for you, but you also don’t want to have to spend a fortune on a detox that’s going to be a punish for a week.

  • You’re sick of spending a tonne of money on supplements and other health hacks you’ve seen online and not seeing the results from them.

2021 NOV 19 KATE SQUIRES6667.jpg

Ready to feel
Fresh AF?



  • After dipping your toe into keto and intermittent fasting this year, you like the idea of implementing some changes to your diet and lifestyle but want it to be easy and suited to your body.

  • You want something to kick-start you into feeling healthy again, but to also help you learn more about how to keep you on track with your health and prevent you from falling off the wagon again.

  • Looking for something that’s guaranteed to work for YOU because you’re losing faith in yourself and the entire process.

  • You want to set yourself up with strong foundations so that you can feel a sense of freedom around your health, diet and exercise, knowing exactly what to do for your mind and body at any time.

What's Inlcuded

Your 8 Week Group Program includes - 

3 Months Access to Shae, the user manual for your unique body

This user manual for your body provides recommendations for how to eat (food), play (fitness), think (mind), thrive (genius/work), live (place/environment) and love (social) for your unique body.

6 Group Coaching Sessions

The group coaching sessions help you break through limiting beliefs, blocks, and confusion plus additional support for you to reach your health goals. These sessions not only provide the opportunity for individual growth but also foster a supportive community, allowing you to connect, learn, and share insights with the like-minded humans in the group. 

10-Day Personalised Reset Protocol

Access your 10-Day Personalised Reset Protocol to kickstart your journey to optimising your health. 

Pre-Recorded Training Modules 

Access to pre-recorded training modules for you to watch and learn in your own time which support your journey to optimising your health. 

The From Fatigued to Fresh AF Facebook Group

Access additional ongoing support from myself in the Facebook group. Ask questions, chat with other members of the group and connect with the community. Consider this your place to access me on the daily as you need additional guidance. 


Want more info or
want to chat before signing up?

I completely get that there's only so much you can take from a web page, so if you have questions or want something clarified, book a FREE Discovery Call. 

If you're ready to head into 2024 feeling Fresh AF, sign up now!

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