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Ready to press reset on your health?


Designed to help restore balance in the body; for anyone feeling the urge to do a ‘detox’, 'cleanse', or a clean sweep of their system in order to move forward with their health, feel lighter, fresher, or simply feels they could do with a fresh start.

Optimise and Reset YOUR Unique Body

  • The Shae Personalized Detox is a full-body detox that supports the body to function most effectively throughout the year. Ideally, the Personalized Detox is completed once a year however those who are feeling sluggish or are immersed in stressful or toxic lifestyles may choose to Detox 2-3 times per year.

  • Your unique protocol helps to fortify the body by providing the right nutrients at the right time and in the way that requires the least effort for the body to process at the same time as removing items that tend to overtax the system.

  • In layman’s terms, this full-body reset supports your body’s natural detox system by creating a minimal-stress digestive environment, allowing your body to take the focus off digestion and onto cleaning out the junk to establish balance instead.

  • Based on your Health Type and your current gene expression, your 10-day reset will be personalized to your needs, however, will include RESET and OPTIMISE days.

  • Reset days help your body take a break. It’s about identifying all of the major things that cause stress on your system and ensuring that you have recommendations that allow your body to rest and recover maximally. It’s like allowing your body to do a day of housework so that you can wake up and be more refreshed and energized by a nice clean house. By excluding certain nutrients and eating in a certain way you’re providing your body, with the necessary nutrients in the manner which is easiest for it to metabolize. 

  • Optimize days are designed to give you insights into what’s going to help you be healthy in any given situation, and what’s going to maintain your health in the long term, helping you create new behaviors straight away. 

  • Examples of reset days might be 1 day of juices and broths, 10 days of vegetable and fruit salads, 7 days of warm broths and teas, 3 days of smoothies, and 5 days of no fats and no proteins. 

  • Optimize days you eat foods that are ranked high on your list within Shae, meaning there are lots of foods and drinks to nourish your body and leave you satiated. 

  • During the detox, you'll have access to Shae 24/7 to support and guide you, personalized recipes that make planning easy, a simple and easy-to-follow daily routine on hand 24/7, and reminder notifications along the way from Shae.

  • As some types of foods are excluded to remove stressors from the digestive system, the Reset is not recommended for use for more than the frequency duration specified. Instead, I encourage the Reset annually, then maintain your personalized eating plan for the remainder of the year to fully optimize your health. 


*It is important to note that the 10-Day Reset protocol should be a time to reduce stress wherever possible to avoid the precipitated stress reactions in the body.

**Exercise should not be strenuous on detox days and forms of relaxation suitable for your unique genetic code are encouraged.

*** Clients with medical conditions should seek medical advice from their Doctor before starting a new lifestyle or eating plan.

What's Included

This is for you if...

  • You've got some food intolerances or sensitivities, and you've been eating these foods more than normal - you're ready to crowd them out and get back on track. 

  • You're feeling like you're clothes are fitting a little snug, it could be inflammation in your gut, distension in your stomach or just feeling more bloated than normal but you're not sure why - and you're feeling uncomfortable. 

  • Food sensitivities have caused a gastrointestinal flare. 

  • You're cycle and related symptoms are feeling a little out of whack, PMS symptoms are worse than normal. 

  • Your energy is low, you're feeling fatigued and lethargic. 

  • You're experiencing brain fog, feeling a little unfocused, or your head feels like it's in the clouds. 

  • You simply love to do something great for your health every now and again!


  • You're ready to make some changes with your health, manage your weight, improve your exercise performance, tone up, feel lighter and less sluggish, improve your menstrual cycle and symptoms, or reconnect with your body as you take more trips around the sun, but you're not quite sure where to start, yet want something that is going to work for YOUR unique body.

  • You'd like to know where to start with approaching changes in your health; is it diet, exercise, stress management, or relationships? Shae (the AI Tech I work with) has the answers.

  • You have tried diets, 12-week programs, keto, paleo, HIIT classes but haven't loved the progress or lack of success you've had with them in the past, and feel like you need something more specialized for the progress and results you're looking for. 

  • You're interested in learning about how your genes influence your health and how they make you unique. 

  • You know there has to be more to feeling well and healthy outside of eating 'clean' protein and salad/veg and exercising regularly, but haven't quite figured out the secrets. 

  • You've not found a way to exercise or work out that makes you feel full of energy and like you're making progress. 

  • You'd like to know what type of exercise, intensity, duration, and time of day to do so to help you lose/gain weight, build muscle and feel energized. 

  • You want to learn more about which specific foods are going to be most beneficial for you when it comes to managing weight, energizing your body, balancing your hormones, and healing digestive discomfort. 

  • You want to know what portions of macros are going to best suit your body and at what times during the day. 

  • You'd like to learn about other things in life that can influence how feel, in mind and body, like where you live, the climate that is going to help you feel your best, what type of work can contribute to your overall happiness, and how to supercharge your social connections. 

  • You're interested in knowing which specific hormones drive your body, how they do so, and how this affects your overall health and your ability to optimize it. 

  • You'd like to find peace, love, and appreciation for who you truly are at your core, and how to use this uniqueness to uplevel your health. 

Book a Discovery Session

If you're ready to press reset on your health and make some lasting changes to feel lighter, fresher, and overall healthier, book a free, virtual, 1-hour Discovery Session to get started.

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