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Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and guessing when it comes to elevating your health - it's time to discover what will work for YOUR unique body. 

There are 7.5 billion people in the world and not one of us is biologically the same, which is why cookie-cutter diets and exercise programs have failed you.

By living in tune with your biology, it's easy to reach your pinnacle of health and have more time to do the things in life you love. 

Super Health Food
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What I do

I leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to help women understand the foundations of health so they can optimise their overall health faster and in turn increase energy levels, reduce the symptoms of stress, and make weight management more easily achievable.


Using the wisdom of epigenetics and the power of Ai, I help my clients uncover how they can use nutrition, movement, and lifestyle to work for them, instead of against them to help them reach their pinnacle of health. We minimize their efforts to maximize their results, amplify their energy levels and create space for them to do more of the things in life they love.

When I work with clients 1:1, I combine Ai tech called Shae, with empowering, supportive Health Coaching. Shae provides the user manual for your body that tells you exactly how to eat, play, think, love, live, and work to elevate your health, whilst Health Coaching provides motivation, accountability, and assistance in removing barriers to change, helping you take the action required to elevate your health. 


My aim is to empower women to live in tune with their biology to achieve a profound sense of self-acceptance and happiness that transcends their coaching experience and positively impacts every aspect of their lives.


Client Testimonials

"Kate Entered my life with her talented and well educated qualification to guide me with my transition into perimenopause, goals for attaining career fulfilment and motivation for making diet choices. I’ve conquered my self limiting beliefs around finding joy in my career path, created positive changes in my overall well-being, and my whole outlook on ME has shifted to give me better sleep, better confidence and a healthier glow inside and out!! My family and friends are noticing my happier more joyous self. If you are serious about seeking your joyous space and overall well-being Kate Squires is a motivational, sensible and positive addition to that journey."


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