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Personalised Health

Monday 23rd October - Wednesday1st November 2023

Access SHAE, the world-leading Ai tech in health for 10 days for free

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This FREE, 10-day personalized health challenge gives you access to Shae, the world-leading Ai tech in health so that you can improve your energy levels, reduce painful period symptoms, improve your gut health, manage stress and make weight management achievable.


With guidance and live calls from the personalised health experts, 1:1 and group support from me, you’ll finally learn how to elevate your health so you can spend less time focusing or worrying about it and more time doing the things in life you love.


Over 10 days, you will be supported by myself and the experts at Precision Health Alliance to learn all about your unique body and how to optimise it.


We will cover everything from the right foods and exercise, to sleep and how to manage stress for your body. Our aim is to support you in eliminating the guesswork and getting better results in less time.

A live induction call on Friday 20th October to introduce you to the challenge and the platform - 9.45am AEST

Challenge starts Monday 23rd October, with a live call at 9.45am AEST

Live calls on day 5, 27th October and day 8, 30th October at 9.45am AEST

Key Dates


Ready to make elevating your health easier than Sunday morning?

Join the challenge below.

You're in! Check your email for next the next steps, Beauty. I'm so excited for you to be a part of this!

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