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Why Shae?

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Before Shae, no matter how ‘healthy’ I was trying to be - eating well, exercising regularly, minimizing my alcohol intake, sleeping well, taking the supplements, and doing the meditation - I was still feeling tired all the time; the 3pm slump was a daily occurrence for me. 


What I didn’t realize was that the early morning rides, yoga, or pilates sessions I was doing were robbing me of all my energy. I'm not genetically designed to use a lot of energy first up in the morning. Mornings for me should be slow, then, I can go all out between 3-6pm in the afternoon.


As soon as I stopped the regular early morning workouts, my energy improved exponentially. 

As a lactose intolerant and IBS gal, I’ve had ongoing issues with my gut. But after learning that the majority of my foods need to be well cooked and that lunch should be the biggest meal of my day, guess what, my digestion improved and I began to experience less distention and bloating and feeling drained of my energy after I eat. 

Of the six key, holistic areas used within Shae, the top two areas

important for me to prioritise for elevated health and greater wellbeing,

are MIND and PLACE.


After moving from a full-time job where I spent nearly all day every day solving problems, to running my own business with a calm, steady workload, after a period of time, I noticed anxiety began to creep in. I got to a point where I wasn't sure why I was feeling anxious, so decided to dig deeper into my epigenetic blueprint (my Shae profile) to find some answers.


Shae noted the importance of ensuring that my mind is stimulated intellectually with problem-solving, puzzles, and games, and when I lack this in my life I’m prone to anxiety. Not only can the lack of intellectual stimulation cause anxiety, but it can also cause a lack of motivation for all things in life.


Understanding this was so powerful for me, and helps me to be able to prioritise what I need to do to pull myself out of an anxiety funk. Now, if I keep my mind stimulated in the right way, the anxiety disappears or doesn’t even arise. 


Understanding that naturally, I need time and space to make important decisions was one of the most empowering things I could have learned. I used to be really hard on myself for how indecisive I was and would look at people who could make big decisions in the blink of an eye and think ‘Why can’t I do that?’; it’s because I’m not genetically wired to do so. From there I embraced the time and space factor and feel more empowered when I give myself the space I need for different situations. 


I always say I’m a ‘cold frog’, I heard this from an old colleague once and ran with it. Doesn’t actually make sense in relation to frogs but it's just what I say now. In other words, I feel the cold easily. I worked in a freezing cold air-conditioned office for years and even with a puffer jacket on all year round, I always felt cold. I know now that I need warm, humid environments or most of my energy goes to trying to stay warm so my body can relax. Who’d have thought that temperature was also something that was also robbing me of my energy? 

One of the most empowering and liberating things I've learnt is that over-stimulating environments or too much stimulation can be taxing on my system and feel like an overload, causing mental and physical signs of stress and feelings of exhaustion.


I'm naturally introverted and whilst I embraced my introversion a few years back and allowed myself to prioritise and be ok with spending time on my own to recharge, I wasn't aware that the need for this was so deeply ingrained in my genetics. 

Time in small spaces, too much time indoors, consistent loud noises, lots of interaction with others, bright lights and strong smells all contribute to a feeling of overstimulation for me and drain my energy. So if I've been spending time subject to these environmental factors, I need to prioritise time in calm, quiet, soothing environments with gentle sounds, warmth, fresh air and even time in nature.


If I'm feeling low on energy after these times, I can't eat or exercise my way out of it, in this case, it's all environmental!

Change your lifestyle - and your results - with me and Shae today!

There are 7.5 billion people in the world, and not one single person is the same. Cookie-cutter diets and wellness trends aren't the answer to elevating your health, the solution needs to be personalised to YOUR unique body. 

When you’re doing it all but nothing seems to work, the secrets are in your genes, and it's easier to uncover them than you might think.  

To get started with Shae and FINALLY reach your pinnacle of health, book a FREE discovery session. 



To learn more about the science behind Shae, download your free information guide. 

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