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Give the gift of
great health
this Christmas

Your Shae Profile will help you understand your mind and body

in ways you never have before.


You can use this to your advantage to improve your overall health and well-being, to amplify your energy levels, better manage the symptoms of stress and simplify the weight management journey.

2021 NOV 19 KATE SQUIRES6486.jpg

With every Shae Profile Gift Voucher, the recipient will also receive a complementary
60-minute one-on-one coaching session with me to get them started on their journey to feeling their best.

What's Included

Orange and Blue Abstract

12 Months Access

to Shae

Fitness Friends

Personalised Fitness Plans

2021 NOV 19 KATE SQUIRES6687.jpg

x1 60 Minute

1:1 Coaching Session

Beach Meditation

Mental and Spiritual Health Advice

2021 NOV 19 KATE SQUIRES6564.jpg

Personalised Diet Recomendations

Tempura Vegetables

Over 25,000


Purchase Your Gift Voucher Here

Please also enter contact details for the recipient of the voucher.

The voucher sent to you via email after purchasing contains a QR code for them to book their 20minute onboarding session to get started

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