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Health Coaching Program

I help busy food lovers with hormonal and digestive issues find new forms of freedom with food to lose weight, heal their gut and balance their hormones.

Sessions can be in person, or via online video chat.


8 Coaching Sessions - 1 hour each 

Health coaching is a collaboration between the coach (me) and the client (you). Together we’ll look a unique approach for your needs; you’re in control of your pathway, I’m here to help you devise the strategies and choose the tools you’re going to need along the way.

My program is for you if you; 

  • Suffer frustrating gut issues - irregular bowel movements, bloating, stomach pains

  • Menstrual cycle irregularities

  • Have no energy and feel tired all the time

  • Don't sleep well

  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious

  • Food leaves you feeling sluggish/bloated

  • Have dull, lifeless skin

  • Have gained weight

  • Are sick of being stressed all the time

  • Happiness and joy are lacking in your life

If you're ready to make some life-long, lasting change and discover your road map to health, I'd love you to book a free discovery session so we can discuss my program and what you get when we work together.