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Heal, balance, flow. 

Health + Nutrition Coaching Program

My health + nutrition coaching program is designed to help exhausted women who experience belly pains, bloating, and feel uncomfortable in their clothes lose weight, keep it off, overcome fatigue and reignite their missing spark. 

So far, your gut instincts have led you here. Probably because:


  • You’ve known for a while that something’s not right, and now you're so bloody ready to find out what's going on. 

  • You’ve been experiencing frustrating symptoms like creeping weight gain that won’t budge, belly pains after you eat, bloating like you’re six months pregnant, you’re exhausted all the time, stressed out the wahzoo, have a foggy brain, painful periods, or a hormonal diagnosis like PCOS, you're anxious more often than not and irregular bowel movements rule your life💩.

  • Your symptoms might come and go, but more consistently they’re coming on and taking longer to subside, annoyingly if at all.  

  • On top of these physical symptoms, you feel like you’ve lost your spark. That shining light we have within us (I like to imagine that just above my heart sits a little disco ball) that drives us and makes us unique; you've recognised that over the years your spark has continually depleted, you’ve lost sight of who you are and what you want.

  • You've tried diets, the latest Insta fad, and what's worked for Susan from Marketing, but can’t quite pinpoint what’s not right, nor what is causing the uncomfortable symptoms.

  • You’ve spoken to your doctor and maybe even had some blood tests, but nothing is coming back positive or conclusive, so your doctor sends you home.

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Now, you feel overwhelmed, even more exhausted, and incredibly confused.

I’m so glad you’ve followed your instincts, because living with symptoms like this doesn’t have to be your reality any longer, nor is this what the rest of your life needs to look like.

I hear you, I was there once, so I understand that you want to;

  • Lose weight and be able to keep it off

  • Discover a sustainable, non-restrictive diet that fuels your body without the loss of your energy

  • Learn what foods are causing your belly pains, bloating, and embarrassing trips to the bathroom

  • Know what to eat and when to avoid weight gain

  • Be able to enjoy delicious food without feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your clothes

  • Lose food ‘guilt’, no more labeling foods good or bad

  • Overcome exhaustion and have the energy to do more of the things in life you love

  • Have more energy, more often

  • Have symptom free periods and/or manage symptoms of a hormonal diagnosis

  • Remove unnecessary stress from your life and learn how to manage stress where it’s unavoidable

  • Wake every day in a strong headspace with mental clarity to take on the day

  • Get your skin glowing

  • Experience more joy, everyday

  • Understand your values, desires, know you are truly enough

  • Reconnect with yourself and reignite your spark!


Let me break it down - how we will get you there.

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What you can expect;


Firstly, you’re not investing in a quick fix, my 1:1 coaching program delivers transformative results that will last a lifetime. Together, we work through an approach tailored to your unique goals, symptoms, and health concerns.


In my 16 week program, I focus on 5 key areas; nutrition for weight management, gut health, hormonal health, stress/fatigue, and knowing your worth.

This comes to life through;

  • 8, 1:1 sessions, via zoom, fortnightly for 16 weeks

  • An evaluation of where your health and nutrition are currently at, and a progressive road map to get you to your goals.

  • Ongoing, judgment-free support between sessions – you’re not meant to be doing this alone! Whether you’re having a rough symptomatic day, confused about putting action steps into practice, need guidance around topics we’ve already discussed, or just someone to brain dump onto.

  • Tools and information relevant to your goals and symptoms based on your personal needs.

  • 16 weeks of unconditional support.

You’ve scrolled this far, which means you’re ready to make a serious change in your life…Wahoo!


To start, I’d love to jump on a free, 45 minute discovery call with you. There’s no commitment, the purpose of this call is to;

  • Get to know you a little better and get clear on your goals

  • For you to determine if you think 1:1 coaching is what you’re ready for

  • For me to determine that I’m the right coach for you

  • Discuss pricing options

  • Most likely have a bit of a giggle, maybe shed some tears, vent or share other wild thoughts, feelings, and emotions (all related to your health journey); my space is non-judgment from the first moment, so you’re guaranteed to feel safe

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